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[Bowl] Stream with its own water flow/Tornado Flush

[Bowl] Use less water to clean/CeFiONtect

TOTO's new washing method, double-cyclone (tornado washing). A whirlpool water flows uniformly inside the toilet bowl and washes away the persistent dirt firmly and efficiently.

CeFiONtect glaze prevents visible and invisible waste from sticking to ceramic surfaces, leading to the use of less chemicals and water to clean.

[Shower] AERO-JET series

[Washlet] How can washlet work / s350e

Uses air injection technology to infuse air into the water stream, creating voluminous droplets while using less water.

This video shows basic function of the washlet. Premist, shower spray feature, warm seat, self cleaning wand and so on.

[Toilet] How to find the model number

[Shower Door] Microtek Coating

The item number of the toilet required when replacing the parts. It is printed on the wall inside the tank. Also, the lid of the toilet is marked with the required part number.

It is a comparison movie of 'MicroTech' processing and ordinary glasses which are applied to the Fresco shower door which we deal with in our shop. You can also see the cleaning method after use in the movie.

[Washlet] has been introduced on the 808 living.

[Showroom] Look around our showroom on Google

Our staff, Steve, is explaining the basic functions of washlet S300e on our display. Come and see, we will explain in detail carefully like this video.

Walk into our showroom with virtual tour and look around what we have.

[Access] H1 West Bound

[Access] H1 East Bound

At the fork of H1 and H201, head towards "Airport / Pearl Harbor Joint Base PHH". Take exit 18, turn right at the second traffic light. Soon you will see a blue building on the right and blue TOTO flags. Please enter the parking lot from between the two flags.

If you come from Kapolei, please use H201. Turn right at Exit 3 "Airport / Tripler Hosp." And head towards "Airport". Continue straight ahead and you will see a blue building on the left. Please enter the parking lot from between the two flags.

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