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Here at The Bathroom Store, we have an expert staff that will help you find a toilet that suits your needs.

And, unlike other companies, we stock most of the products we sell so you can take your new toilet home the day you purchase it. Come down to our showroom in Honolulu today!

If you are considering with a washlet, "Connect Plus" is also recommended.

TOTO Toilet basic features

Tornado Flush(1.0 GPF/ 1.28 GPF)

A water stream that swirls with less water, efficiently cleans persistent dirt.

Depending on the toilet, there is also a super-saving water type that uses 1 gallon of water at cleaning.

E-MAX(1.28 GPF)

E-Max indicates high performance, high-efficiency flushing technology using only 1.28 GPF. It features a 3" wide flush valve, large trap way, and extra large siphon jet.

G-MAX (1.6 GPF)

G-Max indicates a reliable flushing technology with 3" wide flush valve, large trap way, and extra-large siphon jet.


CeFiONtect glaze prevents visible waste from sticking to ceramic surface, leading to the use of less chemicals and water to clean.

Clean toilet seat, soft-closed toilet seat

The material of the toilet seat is dirt resistant, special resin is adopted. The labor for cleaning is reduced, beautiful lasts longer. Also adopt a soft-closed hinge that closes the lid slowly.

Type and characteristics of TOTO toilet

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